Who We Are

Lisa Rhea
A Certified Personal Trainer, Lisa is a mom of two young boys with more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  A  casual half-marathoner and cyclist, weight-lifter and former figure competitor, Lisa is always seeking to improve her athletic performance, as well as for her new favorite glass of red. She loves to try her hand in the kitchen, making healthy, yet quick and easy health food that actually tastes good. Lisa is also a fitness writer, wife, toddler wrangler and dog mom.

Find her on Instagram @_lisa_rae_




Jaime Rice
An admitted fitness junkie that can’t seem to get enough of all things fitness related, whether it be P90x, Insanity, CrossFit, Zumba, running 5ks, bodybuilding competitions and most recently, powerlifting. A lover of food and craft beer, Jaime is also a nationally-qualified NPC Bikini athlete. In 2015, Jaime entered the world of Powerlifting and is already making a big impact, winning her first meet.

Find her on Facebook! Jaime Rice

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Laura Petrolino
A life-long athlete– former competitive ice skater, gymnast, and dancer– and outdoor adventurer, Laura is always up for her next fitness challenge. Currently training for powerlifting, physique competitions, and tackling her next hike, climb, or biking outdoor adventure. Laura is pretty certain she’s a ninja and works every day to prove it!

Find her on Facebook! Laura Petrolino

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