Fix it and Forget it: Mediterranean Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

By Lisa Rhea I'll admit, oven dishes haven't been my forte. I'm usually looking for something I can throw together quickly and have ready in twenty minutes. But I decided to give one-dish oven options a go, and am happy to say, I'm now a believer. A little prep during my son's nap, and later … Continue reading Fix it and Forget it: Mediterranean Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Prep 2016: Here I Come!

By Laura Petrolino After seven months of lifting lots of heavy things and eating all the food (ALL THE FOOD), I officially start prep this week for my next figure competition. The "prep" phase of the bodybuilding cycle often gets the most focus (probably because that's when you look shreddy and want to take videos of … Continue reading Prep 2016: Here I Come!

5 Simple and Tasty Dinner Dishes

By Lisa Rhea Life is busy, and making a healthy dinner for you and your family can become a daunting task. But eating healthy at home doesn’t have to be laborious or tasteless. When time is of the essence, turn to these quick, simple and delicious dinner options. Taco Twice-Baked Potatoes A different spin on … Continue reading 5 Simple and Tasty Dinner Dishes

Got Glutes? A Quick Guide to a Better Backside

By Lisa Rhea Despite the recent big booty movement, most people are sorely in need of glute training. Men and women alike can benefit from a stronger backside. Your derrière muscles are so important, a properly strengthened set can correct posture, make you a better athlete and even cure and prevent back pain. The solution … Continue reading Got Glutes? A Quick Guide to a Better Backside

Go Bananas for Bananas

By Laura Petrolino Bannnnnnnaaaannnaa, banana, banana. That's a little song I just made up about bananas. Nice, right? Move over Taylor Swift, I'm coming for you. Anyway, bananas are my favorite fruit. They are easily digestible, versatile, easy to carry around, full of a lot of important vitamins and minerals, a great source of concentrated … Continue reading Go Bananas for Bananas