Pull-ups: The Bodyweight Lifting Unicorn. 

Pull-ups are a  really hard bodyweight exercise to perform, especially for women. This is not because we can't do them, but simply that our body composition is naturally suited to have strong legs/lower half and less developed upper body strength.  With that said, it may take you a little longer to get your first real … Continue reading Pull-ups: The Bodyweight Lifting Unicorn. 

Bench Press- Not Just for the Boys

By Jaime Rice My last post I discussed my love of the deadlift and explained the difference between conventional and sumo deadlifts. Today I would like to talk about my second love, the Bench Press I have been bench pressing, in some variation, since I was in college. This is why my upper body is … Continue reading Bench Press- Not Just for the Boys

Down Low on the Deadlift

By Jaime Rice I absolutely love deadlifts! I think it is one of the best exercises anyone can do for overall strength and enhancing your physique. I believe some form of deadlifting should be incorporated into any fitness routine This does not mean everyone should lift super heavy deadlifts twice a week. Instead, listen to … Continue reading Down Low on the Deadlift

Perfecting the Push Up: Part 3 and Challenge

Perfecting the Push Up: Part 3 Over the past several weeks, I have discussed the basic push up form as well as several push variations. Today I want to get more advanced with our push up game! We are going all out with the one armed push up and the clap push up.Don’t worry if … Continue reading Perfecting the Push Up: Part 3 and Challenge

Don’t be a Slouch

By Lisa Rhea Good posture says a lot about a person. If you’re not standing tall, you’re immediately giving social cues of weakness and subordination. Sad, but true. And beyond giving cues of social prowess, better posture is more attractive and slimming. But working on your posture goes beyond the simple reminder to stop slouching. … Continue reading Don’t be a Slouch