Train to Beat Back Pain

  By Lisa Rhea Pregnant or not, back pain affects so many people and often leads to inactivity. But many times, the cure is actually exercise. Strengthening your core and posterior chain can make the world of difference for many with back pain, and is completely safe (for those cleared by their doctor to exercise) during pregnancy. … Continue reading Train to Beat Back Pain

Got Glutes? A Quick Guide to a Better Backside

By Lisa Rhea Despite the recent big booty movement, most people are sorely in need of glute training. Men and women alike can benefit from a stronger backside. Your derrière muscles are so important, a properly strengthened set can correct posture, make you a better athlete and even cure and prevent back pain. The solution … Continue reading Got Glutes? A Quick Guide to a Better Backside

Run for the Hills – A Treadmill Workout

by Lisa Rhea   Most people loathe the treadmill. I'll admit it's not my favorite either, but the only thing that can make it worse is simply jumping on and grunting out time. You need a plan of attack to make the most of your treadmill workout and avoid sheer and utter boredom. Having a … Continue reading Run for the Hills – A Treadmill Workout

Pull-ups: The Bodyweight Lifting Unicorn. 

Pull-ups are a  really hard bodyweight exercise to perform, especially for women. This is not because we can't do them, but simply that our body composition is naturally suited to have strong legs/lower half and less developed upper body strength.  With that said, it may take you a little longer to get your first real … Continue reading Pull-ups: The Bodyweight Lifting Unicorn. 

Bench Press- Not Just for the Boys

By Jaime Rice My last post I discussed my love of the deadlift and explained the difference between conventional and sumo deadlifts. Today I would like to talk about my second love, the Bench Press I have been bench pressing, in some variation, since I was in college. This is why my upper body is … Continue reading Bench Press- Not Just for the Boys

Down Low on the Deadlift

By Jaime Rice I absolutely love deadlifts! I think it is one of the best exercises anyone can do for overall strength and enhancing your physique. I believe some form of deadlifting should be incorporated into any fitness routine This does not mean everyone should lift super heavy deadlifts twice a week. Instead, listen to … Continue reading Down Low on the Deadlift

What’s Your Name Workout??

By Jaime Rice I am always on the hunt for new and interesting workouts, and this past week I came across the Name Workout.  I was instantly intrigued. The Name Workout consists of the listing out the alphabet with corresponding exercises for each letter. Below is the actual picture I discovered on Instagram. I will be making  a Skinny … Continue reading What’s Your Name Workout??