The Skinny and the Thick of it is devoted to a no-nonsense, balanced approach to health, fitness, and rocking the fit life.  

We aim to show the world there is a better to way to get the body you want, and it doesn’t involve strict meal plans and hours upon hours in the gym. You CAN have a fit, healthy figure AND a balanced, normal life.

The key to achieving your goals– whether they be fitness and sports-oriented, or long-term, successful weight loss– actually depends on finding balance.

That said, we do love to train and kick ass in and out of the gym. We share our programs, exercises, and methods for challenging our bodies and our fitness levels.

We also love food — the good, the bad, and the obscene, and will bring you recipes, nutrition tips, meal ideas, and advice on how to eat for your physique and fitness goals, while still maintaining your sanity.

Created to share our motivation, knowledge, and personal musings, The Skinny and the Thick of it is also a place for followers to share their fitness journeys, the triumphs and struggles, seek advice and offer and receive positivity and encouragement.

Follow along, join the journey, and start rocking the fit life with us!


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