Update: Making Aesthetic Athletes

Jaime Rice

6 weeks ago Lisa told me she wanted to make a program designed to make aesthetic athletes, a program in which an individual can be physically conditioned and be one heck of an all around athlete. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be her guinea pig and test subject!

When I started this endeavor, I was exclusively powerlifting and supplemented some running for cardio. I did not want to lose any strength if incorporated a ton of cardio. At the same time I felt I was missing out on an important part of living a fit lifestyle, endurance and athleticism. Also I have gym/fitness ADD and felt like it was time to mix things up!

I provided Lisa with my current training schedule and advised her of the lifts I would be preforming every week. Even though I was ready to take on a new challenge, I still wanted to powerlift. Lisa was able to devise a training program that coincided with my powerlifting schedule.

First was a Fit Test for baseline times and numbers to compare before and after the programs. Here are my Fit Test times:

Mile Run: 7:04
400 Meter Run: 1:20
Max Pull ups: 8
Max Pushups continuous without stopping and strict form: 25
Toe to Bars: 8
Burpees in one minute: 25

After the Fit Test was completed we incorporated workouts of the day or WODS which were high intensity cardio/endurance workouts to increase conditioning and endurance. For example:

Run 400 meters
20 Dumbbell Thrusters
10 Pushups
20 Over head walking lunges

5 Rounds for time

And that one was an easy one! Each week Lisa made them a little bit harder based on my feed back and how I was feeling. I was loving it! Not only could I still get in my three main lifts squats, bench, and deadlift I was excelling at endurance training and feeling like a true athlete again.

During this time I was in the process of selling my house, packing up most of my belongings to go into storage, moving me and my dog to a new location for an unknown amount of time, and working a ton of hours. Needless to say I was stressed! Training, with a goal, was a great to help ease my stress level but I will say I was not the best with my diet. Not to make any excuses because I have prepped for NPC bikini shows under similar conditions but life happened. With that said I was about 75% on point with diet. I have no doubt I would have ripped 6 pack abs right now if I would have been 100% with my diet. Even with my diet being slightly off track I was still able to see a noticeable change in my physique. My abs did reappear and I lost an inch and 1/2 in my waist!

Below are the before and after pictures. I am sorry for the bathroom selfie!! But I forgot I put my full length mirror in storage and I improvised.

Left is after loosing 1/2 inch off my waist


I lost about a half inch off my waist and hips and my clothes fit a little looser. This past Sunday I completed the Fit Test to see if my times and numbers improved.
Mile Run: 6:58
400 Meter Run: 1:25
Max Pull ups: 10
Max Pushups continuous without stopping and strict form: 35
Toe to Bars: 12
Burpees in one minute: 25

My mile run, pull ups, pushups, and toe to bars improved! Unfortunately the 400 meter was slower and burpees stayed the same. I wanted improvement in all categories but I am very pleased with the numbers. I noticed a difference with how much easier the Fit test felt this time around and how quickly I recovered from each exercise.

All and all I am extremely pleased with Lisa’s program and have loved mixing powerlifting with endurance and functional training. I plan to continue to train this way and will give updates on my progress as I go, stay tuned!

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