Making Aesthetic Athletes

By Jaime Rice


For the past several months my work schedule has been anything but routine. I could work 80 hours one week and 45 hours the next. One thing was certain, I did not have a set work schedule with set hours. Having a crazy work schedule directly affected my ability to train, the intensity at which I was able to train and my overall mental and physical fatigue. This past week was the end of the super long work days, at least for a while, and the beginning of getting back into my training routine.

My fitness/gym ADD kicked in a I decided I wanted a new challenge, as if I did not have enough on my plate, but what can I say, I get bored easily. I have experienced this before when I decided I wanted to powerlift while competing in bodybuilding. I wanted to prove you can do both and don’t need to be pigeon-holed into one fitness path.

With that being said, I still want to actively powerlift –that is my main focus, but I also want to be a hell of a functional athlete. Oh – and I want to look like a bikini girl. Why can’t I have it all?? I have fitness goals that I still want to achieve. For example, I eventually want to run a half marathon but powerlifters don’t run right? This one does, and I believe you can do both with a well thought-out and planned program and proper nutrition.

Lisa told me she wanted to make a program to create Aesthetic Athletes, a hybrid of all fitness. For example; CrossFit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, runners, etc. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be her “guinea pig” for the program. We want to see what we can accomplish in 4 weeks’ time. Typically you would need 12-16 weeks to see true transformation, but I am working with a limited timeframe and going for 4 weeks first and continuing as my work schedule allows.

Lisa’s programming concept combines heavy lifts, some accessory work, functional fitness circuits and conditioning. Calories are kept high, but food is clean. Rest is ample to allow for recovery. And most important for keeping a feminine physique, core work is controlled and focused on an engaged TVA and overhead lifts are not too heavy, to avoid a widened waist and oversized traps. Ideally, this will be the be the ultimate hybrid of all my goals.

I started with a Fit test, Lisa provided, and I gave her my current weight and measurements. My weight is lower than it is normally – only because last week my literally kicked my butt and I was not able to eat as much as I would like. Here are my numbers:

Bodyweight: 120LBS

Height: 5’3”

Measurements: 34.5/ 25.5/ 37


Fit Test:

Mile Run: 7:04

400 Meter Sprint: 1:20

Max Pull-ups (consecutive/strict): 8

Max Toe to Bars (consecutive/strict): 8

Max Pushups (consecutive/past parallel): 25

Burpees in one minutes: 25

This was a lot harder than I anticipated! I only allowed myself 1-2 minutes of rest in between each exercise in order to get a true test of my endurance. I never run a 400-meter sprint, only 300 meter, therefore I am not sure if this is a good time. The same goes for burpees, I never do burpees because they are evil. Overall I am pleased with the numbers, but I know I can do better, especially with pull-ups and push-ups. I am looking to double my push-ups and at least get 12 pull-ups.

The next 4 weeks will be challenging to say the least! Not only am I still doing my powerlifting programing, I will add a nutritional plan and endurance cardio to my routine. I am not going to lie, the nutrition will be the hardest for me as it usually is for everyone but I am excited to see the transformation and see how my numbers improve.

Lisa, Laura and I believe you don’t have to be stuck or forced to have only one fitness discipline. Unless you strictly want to be a Cross Fitter, Powerlifter, Marathoner, Yogi etc everyone could benefit from aspects of each type of training. This could be crucial if you suffer an injury or some other outside force that prohibits you from running, doing Cross Fit, or whatever is your choice. You don’t stop training, seek out what works for you, Pilates or Yoga, always adapting your abilities.

This is The Skinny and the Thick of it version of making a powerlifter into an aesthetic athlete while maintaining strength. Stay tuned for, what I hope, is an awesome transformation in whatever form that will turn out to be!

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