Three Excuses to Give Up Today

stairs-918735_640By Laura Petrolino


We all have them.

They are built upon fear of failure, mixed priorities, and resistance to change (even if it is a change we think we want). But we will never get where we want to be—in fitness and in life—if we constantly let ourselves be derailed by excuses.

There are some people who will start every new year with a long list of fitness and healthy lifestyles goals and week by week slowly cross items off that list by developing a completely convincing excuse as to why they aren’t possible.

You might be one of those people.

And if you are, I challenge you today to take back control of your goals and put your excuses in perspective. Are they really obstacles? More likely than not, they aren’t and there are easy ways to overcome even the most well-crafted excuse—if you really want to.

Here are a few common excuses and why they should no longer hold you captive.

“I Don’t Have Time”

I’ve discussed this one here before. You do have time. You always have time. What you don’t have is a clear list of priorities. If your fitness goals are a priority you will find a way to make time for them. If they aren’t, you won’t.

It is as simple as that.

So decide what your priorities are and when you do you will make time to make them happen. And be honest with yourself for those things you don’t make time for—they aren’t priorities, and that’s ok, but don’t blame time as the reason you don’t accomplish them.

I’m Not Naturally Fit

People aren’t born fit or unfit. It’s not genetic. Fitness is something you earn through hard work and dedication, not something you buy at a store or are born into. The only reason someone might be more capable of physical fitness activities than someone else is due to lack of disability. But if you look at any list of inspiring athletes with disabilities and you’ll see that none of them let any excuses get in their way (and it kind of helps put your own excuses in context, huh?).

I Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

Great! Home workouts are the bomb! We have a few we’ve shared here, such as:

No Excuses at Home and Travel Workouts

Get Moving

Got Glutes

The Staircase Workout

And you can find many others from yoga, to crossfit, with the wave of a Google search.

Just Say No To Your Excuses

The great thing about excuses is your creation them, so you can destroy them. Take a step back and think about the excuses you let get in the way of your goals—and bust through them one by one.

Still holding you back? Post them here and we will help you troubleshoot.


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