Go Bananas for Bananas

minion-888797_640By Laura Petrolino

Bannnnnnnaaaannnaa, banana, banana.

That’s a little song I just made up about bananas. Nice, right? Move over Taylor Swift, I’m coming for you.

Anyway, bananas are my favorite fruit. They are easily digestible, versatile, easy to carry around, full of a lot of important vitamins and minerals, a great source of concentrated carbohydrate energy…..and oh so tasty!

Bake them and they add moisture and sweetness to anything you put them in.

Freeze them and they are great for smoothies or pseudo-ice cream.

Eat them right out of their wrapper (otherwise known as peel) and they are an easy, portable snack.

Substitutions the Banana Way

Bananas make for very easy substitutions in baking recipes.

One banana can normally be substituted for one egg in vegan recipes. You can also replace half the amount of oil called for in a baking recipe with an equal amount of banana (if you are looking for a lower fat version).

You can use them instead of dairy to add creaminess and thickness to smoothies. Or my favorite—puree up frozen banana with protein powder as a base for a pseudo ice cream/frozen yogurt. Add other fruits, nut butters, flavors as desired. It’s a perfect summer (or anytime) treat.

Banana Recipes for Every Occassion

Breakfast, dessert, snacks, pre-workout, post-workout….whenever you please! I’ve rounded up a hit list of banana recipes to help add some variation into your banana-lovin’ life.

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