Food for Thought


By Lisa Rhea

Eat clean. Don’t eat carbs. Go Paleo. Try the Whole30. Join this 21 day program. It’s all about macros.

It seems there are a million different diets, programs and points of view when it comes to nutrition. I’m often asked my thoughts on different programs, and my answer is always the same – there’s no diet out there that’s worth a damn unless it’s something you can do for the rest of your life.

That means day in, day out, forever. Sounds crazy, I know. Who wants to diet forever? But that’s my point. I’ve written extensively on dieting and dieting mindset – and basically how you need to stop. Just stop trying to diet and instead, start eating properly. Those are two very different things.

If you’re really looking to take control of your health and wellness, don’t look for the next fad diet, instead, take some time and read these articles.


I like to explain managing your food much like managing your bank account. Granted, most of us suck at both, but that’s also why the analogy works. Think about your daily calorie needs like your pay check. You only have so much to spend. 


When it comes to eating, decide what makes the cut like a budget.

Everything you eat has a cost, or a caloric value. 

Some foods are cheap (think green vegetables). 

Some are very expensive (think Snickers bars). 

Some are a good bang for your buck and some a total waste of money. But ultimately, you decide what is worth it, what you can afford, and what you refuse to spend money on. 

You have to set your personal budget and learn how to live within it.

Read more here.




Food shouldn’t be good or bad, it’s just food.

True dietary freedom comes when you detach emotion from eating and learn to prioritize quality foods, while still eating things you enjoy. 

In this post, I go over my five guidelines for reviving your relationship with food, namely:

  1. Stop looking for the next diet or a quick fix.
  2. Start thinking in terms of what you should be eating.
  3. Don’t ban any foods or consider any foods “off-limits.”
  4. Stop eating by the clock.
  5. Stop automatically cleaning your plate.

Read more here.





Going from fluffy to fit isn’t as easy as calories in, calories out.

How often have you dropped 5 to 10 pounds with a new diet or new exercise program, only to find your weight loss stalled? Either you cannot sustain the lifestyle you want and the diet and training program, or you stay vigilant to the program, but just stop making progress. Both are frustrating. You either find yourself abandoning it all or doing more and more and eating less and less, or looking for a new supplement to make it to that final goal, then getting frustrated and throwing in the towel.

In any case, when you go off the program, you rarely maintain the weight loss. Most people gain all the weight back and oftentimes more. When you attempt to go back on that same diet program that helped you drop 5-10 pounds last time, you don’t see the same results you did the first time.

Read more to learn how to lose weight without damaging your metabolism. I outline the steps to take, including: Forget the Fad Diets, Change What You Eat Before How Much You Eat, Baby Steps, Get Moving, But Think Muscle Car, and Be Consistent.

Read more here.

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