Five Gym Distractions to Eliminate Today

crossfit-534615_640By Laura Petrolino

We live in a world of endless distractions. Our phones ding, our computers beep, even our watches serve as attention grabbers. It’s often hard to step away and concentrate our focus on something else….like a workout.

We’ve all seen those people in the gym who are constantly on their phones, texting, reading emails, searching the internet, or even talking to someone on the phone between sets.

So today my challenge for you is to STOP.

Put your phone down and just go workout. If you have your workout on your phone (which I do), then put in on airplane mode so you can follow your workout, but do nothing else.

I guarantee your workout will improve astronomically by this one simple step (and in turn you’ll move closer to our fitness goals).

In addition to your phone, eliminate these five distractions right now:

  1. Hunger: Eat before you go to the gym…not only will you be able to focus better on your workout and not just want to get home to eat, you’ll be stronger and have greater endurance because you are fueled.
  2. Poor digestion: That said, experiment to find what works best for you. Some people have digestions of billy goats and can eat whatever they want pre-workout. Others are much more sensitive. Likewise, experiment with the perfect timing for pre-gym fuel-ups.
  3. Bad music: If you find yourself spending way too much time flipping through your play list, it might be a sign you need a music refresh.
  4. Stinky gym goers: It happens. We’ve all been there. You are on the treadmill or bench press and the guy or gal next to you smells so horrible you think you are going to suffocate. It could be an overdose of perfume, or an under dose of shower…whatever the reason, it’s bad. Don’t try to fight it out—just switch up your workout to avoid these odor terrorists.
  5. Crowded gym: This is a big one for me right now, especially on the weekend. This is a hard one to overcome since (despite my best efforts) you can’t just kick people out of the gym. I find when the gym is the busiest it’s best for me to just put my headphones in, turn the music up loud, and go in with a plan and some variations I can quickly switch to should the equipment I need be occupied.

What other gym distractions divert your attention from your workout?

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