Finding My Inner Yogi

yoga-1146277_640By Laura Petrolino

Everyone always told me I needed to take up yoga.

And I tried. I went to classes. I bought DVDs. I really tried to like yoga.

At one point, I did find a studio I loved and went through several months of going to daily classes. Then I burned out and could never get back into the yogi mindset.

My favorite yoga story is how I was kicked out of a studio because I kept just leaving before the relaxation part at the end. I didn’t have time for that, so I’d get up and go…that didn’t go over well, and essentially marked the end of my yoga experiment.

Until 30 days ago….

Thirty days ago I started “30 Days of Yoga with Adrianne.” I did it with a great group of women led by my awesome friend Jess Dolce. And I loved it.

For some reason, for the first time, this whole yoga thing people are so wild about finally made sense. I started doing it at the end of my day as a forced transition from work to not work (which is easier said than done when you work from home). My goal for the new year was to turn off work at a certain time each night because I knew it would make my mind fresher the next day—and thus me more productive and creative in my work.

This is easy to do in the summer, when I can go out and hike all night, but a bit tougher during the winter when it’s dark and cold, and the last thing you want to do at the end of the long day is fight ice and wind.

So I started yoga.

Each day was only 15-30 minutes long—essentially making it impossible to not do. It’s really hard to make an excuse to miss it when it take 15 minutes and you can do it in your own home. Really hard.

I stuck with it and then I found I started craving it at the end of each day. With all the other stressors I put on my body it was a wonderful way to stretch my muscles and settle my brain.

And all the sudden all the fuss over yoga finally made sense.

So the moral of this story? Don’t be afraid to branch out and add something new to your fitness routine. And if it doesn’t fit right away, stash it away and try again later, or from a different angle. The great thing about the world of fitness is there are so many ways to find a perfect fit. Endless opportunities to fill your plate with activities that feel right for you.

Try new things, experiment with different activities. Soon you might surprise yourself by becoming addicted to something you never thought you’d miss.

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