Gym Free Winter Workouts

10405306_10153154871144448_7860654120365274071_n (1)By Laura Petrolino

Winter is finally here! Despite the long wait in most areas of the country, temperatures have finally dropped and snow is falling.

Whether you are a fan of winter or not, snow on the ground offers an excellent winter workout opportunity. So you might as well make the most of this season, get outside, and play in the snow! (You know you want to).

Snow Shovel Your Way to a Good Workout

Let’s start at square one: Snow shoveling. It’s something you have to do, and some of you might see it as an added burden to your winter routine. But it’s time to turn that snow shovel frown upside down and see shoveling for what it is—an amazing full body workout.

I wrote a blog last year about shoveling and different ways you can make it a killer fitness challenge. Most importantly make sure you use proper form and realize what a tough workout it actually is.

Drink water and have a snack before you start—just like you would if you are going to the gym. Monitor your body and take breaks when you need to.

Take a Winter Walk

Walking in snow is like walking at the beach—it turns a normal walk up a notch and not only provides an amazing leg workout, but also is a challenge for your core as you work to balance yourself through tough terrain.

Add some big heavy boots—as you often require anyway in the cold and snow—and you have a fantastic cardiovascular and strength workout all in one.

Snowshoeing and Skiing

Two of the most popular winter sports are always a good idea. Equipment is easy to rent if you don’t have your own, or you can check out your local good will or equipment donation shop (in most wintery places there will be one of these full of ski and snowshoe gear which people donate after they upgrade).

There are also always many local classes, meet-ups, and community groups which offer instruction (often for free or no charge) if you are new.

…….And don’t forget sledding. No snow day is complete without it!

So get out there go play in the snow. Your mind, body, and “childhood snow day” spirit  will thank you.

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