A Look Back to Keep Moving Forward


By Jaime Rice

By now some of you are still going strong on your New Year’s get fit resolutions while some may be starting to waiver. Miss a workout here eat an extra cookie there and before you know it, you stumble back into your old habits. Having one bad day, missing the gym or not throwing your diet out the window, does not destroy all the hard work you have already done.

In today’s post I want to highlight some of our older posts to help you stay on track and give you some motivation. Remember changing everything in a short amount of time is very hard to sustain. Small manageable changes over time is the key to success with anything in life.

First up is our very first post written by Lisa Rhea. This is all about manageable lifestyle changes in regards to food and helping keep the balance.

“Why is dieting so damn hard? The answer, because it sucks. Diets suck. Being told what you can and cannot eat sucks. Inside we are all like defiant little children who want the exact thing we are told we can’t have.

As soon as you start the latest hot diet (you know, the one that’s sure to have you in your high school jeans by the end of the month) the Hershey’s kisses on the reception desk at work turn into little pieces of manna from the gods and you can’t help but grab one…or a few…or let’s be honest, half the bowl, as you walk by. The dessert menu that you typically don’t even look at now begs you to drool over it’s decadent offerings.

You become obsessed with food– and more importantly this new restriction from it– making you want all the things that you can’t have.

So what is the solution? Everywhere you will read “abs are made in the kitchen,” and “you can’t exercise away a bad diet.” While these statements are very true, the solution is not another cookie cutter meal plan and list of rules. Instead, the answer is a mental shift from dieting and deprivation to managing your food intake and developing good habits for a balanced, healthy food intake, which includes plenty of room for the foods you enjoy.

I like to explain managing your food much like managing your bank account. Granted, most of us suck at both, but that’s also why the analogy works. Think about your daily calorie needs like your pay check. You only have so much to spend. Everything you eat has a cost, or a caloric value. Some foods are cheap (think green vegetables). Some are very expensive (think Snickers bars). Some are a good bang for your buck and some a total waste of money. But ultimately, you decide what is worth it, what you can afford, and what you refuse to spend money on. You have to set your personal budget and learn how to live within it.

The best way to figure this out is to start tracking what you eat and learning how many calories you need and how many calories are in different foods and their nutritional make-up. This includes learning how much fat, carbohydrates, and protein each food contains. I recommend creating a My Fitness Pal account and starting to journal what you consume. It’s the same as checking to see how much something costs. Just like in the grocery store, when you have an idea of prices, you’re not as shocked when you check out.

Manage Your Nutrition Budget This may not sound fun, just like living on a budget is not a whole lot of fun, but it’s ultimately the way to dieting freedom, just like a budget is the way to financial freedom. It’s a different way of thinking about dieting. There is nothing you can or cannot have, but there are decisions to be made and benefits to keeping your money in the bank at times.

Good spending habits are just like good eating habits, after time they will both become easier. And sometimes they just go hand-in-hand. For me it’s saying “sorry Starbucks, but your sugary lattes are no longer worth the five dollars or the five hundred calories to me!” (Just look at the nutrition information for venti pumpkin spice latte!)

Unfortunately, unlike some purchases, there are no refunds for things you eat that weren’t worth the calories, so be careful what you buy.

Lisa relates dieting to budgeting which is a great analogy for the whole article go to https://theskinnyandthethickofit.com/2014/11/28/quit-dieting-and-start-budgeting/ to start budgeting now.

This summer I wrote a post about obtaining and maintaining your fitness goals. Below is excerpts from that post to keep you on track.


“Far too often people look to these quick fixes to change their life and somehow alter how they look at food and exercise in general, when in fact all this is a fitness tease. Without proper tools to utilize after the program ends, one is inevitably set up to fail.

I am not saying don’t use 30-day challenges or any other challenge or diet, but simply use it as a jumpstart for a new healthy lifestyle or as challenge to yourself, if you feel stagnant in your current routine. Do not rely on it solely to change your lifestyle.

Here are some fundamental ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle that I have learned over my years of training. These tips can be tools for success to help you navigate your fitness journey.

  1. Have a Defined Goal. Clearly define what it is you would like to accomplish. For example, do you want to get better at Yoga? Lose 20 pounds? Run a Half Marathon? Compete in a bodybuilding show? Whatever you goal you have, define it!
  2. Have a Food Plan. Now this is where it can get tricky. I am not saying to plan each and every meal for each and every day, but having an outline of what fuel you are putting in your body will help take the guess work out of what you will eat for lunch or dinner. It can be a simple outline.
  3. Enlist a Friend, Someone/Something to keep you Accountable. A friend, husband, wife, mom, coach, etc. can be essential to obtaining and maintaining any goal, especially a fitness-related goal. Plus its much more fun to train with a buddy.
  4. Stick with it!! I have heard numerous times that it takes 28 days to make a habit and I have found it to be fairly accurate. The more you make something routine, the likeliness of it actually becoming a way of life is increased. I can personally attest to this fact”


For the entire post go to https://theskinnyandthethickofit.com/2015/06/09/keys-to-obtaining-and-maintaining-a-healthy-lifestyle/.

The one thing that seems to get most people with staying on track is Travel! Traveling and keeping on top of your goals can be difficult but if you have a plan, things can go much smoother. Laura travels a lot for her job and she is an expert of traveling with a fitness plan. Below is excerpt from one of her several Fit Travel post.

Your diet is on track. Your workouts are in high gear. You are on a roll–committed, focused, ready to meet and beat your fitness goals. And then….TRAVEL.

Whether for work or play, travel can often seem daunting, even for the most committed of us.

Your schedule is often out of your control. Your food choices are sometimes unknown. Your in a new place with different resources and routines.

But having a fitness lifestyle means having a life, not hiding in a room by yourself with your perfectly measured meals. So with a little planning you can stay on track–no matter what your goal.

I know from experience the only way I can do this is if I plan ahead and pack what I need. Otherwise it’s virtually impossible to get enough food in.

I always, always make sure to call the hotel ahead to ask for a fridge to be placed in my room. I’ve never found a hotel that won’t do this (although some will charge a fee). So make sure you make that request part of your planning as well.”


To see the step by step video of Laura preparing for her work travel go to https://theskinnyandthethickofit.com/category/fit-travel/

There you have it! A few snippets from each of us to help you stay on track. Stay tuned for more Fit Travel articles, recipes and workouts.



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