Gifts for Fitness Freaks

gifts-570821_640By Laura Petrolino

Ho, ho, ho and a tub of protein powder. It’s the merriest time of year and you might be busy out and about wondering what you are going to get those fitness fiends in your life (or maybe the most important fiend, yourself!)

Have no fear, we have a some gift tips for you and that fitness guru you know and love.

Wearable Fitness Devices: Fitbit, Jawbone UP, choose your weapon. Wearable fitness devices are all over the place and a fun way to compete with friends and colleagues in your fitness pursuits.

Socks: Here is a special Laura secret—I am a sock snob. I love awesome socks and I always ask for them for Christmas and birthdays. Socks are some of the best gifts you can

Bands: Bands are great options for fitness on the go, or to add extra resistance to your gym workouts.

Fitness Gift Cards: Supplements, workout clothes, gym memberships….gift cards are a great way to let your fitness friend choose their own adventure when it comes to their gifts.

Massage: Duh, of course! Your hard working fitness friend also needs some TLC. Get him or her a deep tissue massage. Even better get them a membership to Massage Envy or similar organization

Food Delivery Service: Everyone needs a break from the kitchen, give your fiend a few meals on you with a food delivery service.

Training Partner: Hey, that’s you! Give the gift of motivation and a training partners so you two can help each other max out your New Year Resolution fitness goals.

What other fitness gifts would you recommend?




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