Battle of the Buldge: Holiday Weight Gain

belly-2354_640By Lisa Rhea

Chances are you ate more than usual last Thursday, and probably on through the weekend. You may feel frustrated or as though you back-tracked and be upset or feeling down about your appearance.

You may have some anxiety about Christmas coming and all the treats around the office. Or even be looking for your New Year’s Resolution diet plan already.

I’ve written a lot on dieting mentality and here are a few articles that could be helpful for you as the holiday season unfolds.

If you’re hating what you see in the mirror, check out:

You Can’t Hate Yourself Thin

If you’re struggling with all the goodies around the office, read:

Listen All Y’all, It’s a Sabotage

If you feel like you’re just jumping from one diet to the next and nothing is working, then you need to read:

Stop Dieting and Start Budgeting

If you feel food has too much control over your life, check out this post:

Become a Cold-Hearted Eater

And lastly, as you consider new fitness programs for 2016, be sure to read:

5 Signs Your Fitness Program Sucks

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