The Skinny Test Kitchen: The Ultimate Omelette

By Lisa Rhea


When it comes time to pick a protein source, don’t forget the other, other white meat – eggs! Eggs are loaded with protein, along with being a source of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals zinc, iron and copper. Even more, they are easy to make, especially last minute. Eggs aren’t  just for breakfast either. This hearty omelette recipe can be served up for any meal.



5 egg whites, 1 yolk*
red onion
red peppers
turkey sausage
feta cheese (I used sundried tomato feta)


Heat up a skillet and spray with cooking spray or use a dash of olive oil.

Meanwhile, chop all ingredients.

Add onion and pepper to the skillet.

Crack eggs and whip eggs and yolk together.

Once onion and peppers are starting to soften, add spinach, tomato and sausage to the skillet.

Cook until spinach begins to soften. Add eggs.

Cover pan and continue to cook until eggs are set.

At this point, either flip the omelette (like a pancake) or if cooked through, simply add avocado and feta. Fold in half and serve.



*I only use limited yolks because I prefer to get more fat from the cheese and sausage than the eggs, but everyone’s macronutrient needs are different.

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