Buffalo Chicken- Crockpot Style

By Jaime Rice

Cooking the same old chicken week after week can be boring, I try to switch it up every now and then. This week I made buffalo chicken in a crockpot. This dish is unbelievably easy to make!


  •  3-4 Chicken breast
  •  1 packet of Dry Ranch dressing/dip mix
  •  4 oz of Fat Free Sour Cream
  •  Favorite Hot Sauce
2015-10-25 16.48.41

I used Franks red hot but any hot sauce or wing sauce will work!

Cook chicken in crockpot until it shreds. Then mix the 4 oz of fat free sour cream with 1/2 the ranch packet and desired amount of hot sauce. Pour the mixture over the shredded chicken and mix. Cook on low for an extra 30 minutes then serve!

I serve over Jasmine rice or on a whole wheat tortilla.

2015-10-25 16.29.14

Buffalo Chicken with Jasmine Rice- Meal prep done!

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