Join us in #ProjectAccountability

By Lisa Rhea

Looking for an easy to way to keep your eating in line with your goals?

As I discussed in my post Tracking to Stay on Track, the first step towards eating better is to get a grasp on what you’re currently eating and make changes from there. If you don’t want to mess with tedious food tracking websites, consider this easy method.

I call it #projectaccountability. It’s simple – just take a picture of each and everything you eat throughout the day. At the end of the day, make a picture collage of all your food. And whahlah – you have a food journal.

It’s quick and easy, and you have an accurate food log to look at to evaluate your progress and determine how you can improve. The best part? If you don’t want to have to take a picture of it, there’s a good sign you don’t need to eat it!

It can be incredibly sobering to look back and see how many “treats” you have given yourself or how varied your eating can be from day-to-day based on schedules and stressors. You may realize you’re not eating as well as you thought. Or you’re not eating enough early in the day and overcompensating at night.

Want to take it one step further? Consider posting each day’s meals on Instagram or some other form of social media for accountability.


Check out my meals and workouts at

Trust me, having others see what you’re eating can really help you keep it in check! I’ve been tracking my food via photos and posting to my IG for over a week now, as I work towards dropping those last few pounds of baby weight. I’m also posting all my workouts, so you can see exactly what I’m eating and how I’m training to reach my goal.

Jaime is also keeping a photo food diary on her IG page. Her goal is to maintain her level of leanness while building muscle for her upcoming powerlifting competition.

Laura is doing the same on her IG page. She is currently trying to build muscle, and given her special dietary needs, all of her food is gluten-free.

Be sure to check out our pages to see the similarities and differences between our styles and get ideas of healthy meals to make yourself.

Follow along and see what we’re eating, and even better, join us! Tag #projectaccountability and #theskinnyandthethickofit on your daily food posts, and we can encourage each other!

Have a question about your meals? Tag us in your post, and we’ll do our best to help. Get started with #projectaccountability today and join us in #rockingthatfitlife!

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