What’s Your Name Workout??

By Jaime Rice

I am always on the hunt for new and interesting workouts, and this past week I came across the Name Workout.  I was instantly intrigued. The Name Workout consists of the listing out the alphabet with corresponding exercises for each letter. Below is the actual picture I discovered on Instagram. I will be making  a Skinny and the Thick of It version soon, but I wanted to give this on a try first.

2015-10-14 20.27.33

Each letter corresponds with a workout and certain quantity

If your name is DAVID your name workout will be:

  • D– 15 Pushups
  • A– 50 Jumping Jacks
  • V– 3 Minute Wall Squat
  • I– 30 Jumping Jacks
  • D- 15 Pushups

You can get as creative with this as you want. Complete your name workout 4 rounds for time, rest 10 seconds in between each exercise, or just one round for a warm-up before you lift.

Today I completed my Name Workout after my deadlift session. I switched out I- 30 jumping Jacks for 30 squats because the A in my name was already 50 Jumping Jacks and I wanted more variation. I only did one round but felt I would need to complete more to get a sufficient cardio workout.

2015-10-18 09.49.28

Next time I will use my last name

What is your Name Workout? Give it a try and tell us what you think!

2015-10-05 18.03.29

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Name Workout??

  1. Shawn says:

    Okay Jamie, I’m not sure this is correct…that’s a lot of burpees:

    S – 30 burpees
    H – 20 Squats
    A – 50 Jumping Jacks
    W – 20 Burpees
    N – 25 Burpees

    Just kidding, I have fun doing them 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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