Crockpot Beef Stew

By Jaime Rice

The leaves are falling from the trees, the temperature is dropping, and football is back! All this means one thing- time for chili, stews and soups.

I love making chili, beef stew and butternut squash soup during the fall and winter. They are all simple recipes and can be thrown together within minutes. This past week I decided to make beef stew for my first fall crock pot dish.

My beef stew is a simple recipe:

  • Cubed beef for stew
  •  1 can of corn
  •  1 can of sliced carrots
  •  1 can of whole potatoes
  •  1 can of peas
  •  2-3 cups of Vegetable broth- low or no sodium
  •  Salt and Pepper to taste
  •  Old Bay seasoning
  •  Worcestershire
2015-10-12 18.56.21

Whole canned potatoes and corn. (Not Pictured: sliced carrots and Peas). Rinse your canned foods before eating.

I decided to use canned veggies because I was short on time this week. I usually try and cook with fresh veggies and potatoes but life has been hectic and convenience won over! One thing I will say about canned vegetables is to make sure you rinse them with water after draining the can. Canned foods are packed with sodium in order to preserve the food. Simply rinsing them with water will wash the majority of the excess sodium off the food.

2015-10-13 18.12.46

I bought a vegetable broth that was higher in sodium, I clearly did not read the label properly before purchasing…

Once you have all your vegetables drained and rinse, place them in a crockpot with 2-3 cups of vegetable broth. Try to us a low sodium vegetable broth. I bought the wrong one this past weekend and it has more sodium than I desired. I fixed this by only using 1 1/2 cup of vegetable broth and 1 1/2 cups of water. Salt and Pepper to taste, add Worcestershire, and I used Old Bay seasoning. Let that cook in crockpot while you brown the beef in a separate skillet. Once beef is cooked, add to crockpot and let cook for 3 hours and viola! A healthy dinner packed with veggies and protein.

Be on the look out for more healthy and easy fall recipes!

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