ABsolutely Awesome Abdominals Activities

Absolutely Awesome AbominalsBy Laura Petrolino

Man…I love alliterations, especially when they mean a tighter mid-section (ok, maybe that segue didn’t work, work with me here).

And that’s why today we are going to talk abdominals (absolutely awesome abdominals that is).

A lot of people get stuck in the rut of crunchies or traditional sit-ups to work their abs, when really there is a world of ab exercises out there to choose from—many that much better recruit your core and entire body system then traditional crunchies.

Here are some of my favorites:

Stability Ball Alphabets: Place a stability ball underneath your elbows, as if you were doing a plank, with the ball underneath your arms. Trace the alphabet with your arms, using the stability ball movement to draw each letter.

Stability Ball Circles: Same positioning as above, but this time do circles. I normally aim for 30 on each side for each set. You can change the size of your circles to target different areas of your mid-section.

Stability Ball Jack Knife: This is one of my favorites! Place your hands on a bench and your feet on a stability ball. Start in a flat plank position and pull you free towards the bench.

  • Variation #1: Pull your feet toward the bench, bending your knees to crunch yourself into a ball at the contraction.
  • Variation #2: Pull your feet toward the bench keeping your legs straight so you really jack-knife your way up and back.
  • Variation #3: Add a push up to #1 or #1 when you are in the extended position.

Walkouts: Start standing and slowly bend over and walk your hands out until you end in a plank position (you can add a push up here if you’d like). Walk back, until you resume standing position.

  • Variation #1: Instead of a push-up at the extended point, lift one arm and then the next, targeting the obliques.

Ab Row: Start in a plank position with dumbells in each hand. Keeping your body as flat as possible pull each arm-up up to your waist, as if you were doing a dumbell row. The secret here is to not shift your weight from side to side as you pull alternating hands.

There you have it! A few of my favorites. Try them out, or make a circuit of three and rotated through three to five times.

What are you favorite ab workouts?

Photo Credit: My abs (three weeks out from my figure competition) 

One thought on “ABsolutely Awesome Abdominals Activities

  1. Shawn says:

    Hi Laura!
    Love your ab post, and want to try it out so I’m wondering if you might be able to sent some pictures of the moves. I want to make sure I do them correctly, especially since it sound like I can do them all at home, which I love! Thanks for the post 🙂


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