Fifty-Seven Healthy Apple Recipes to Try This Fall

Fifty-Seven Healthy Apple Recipes to Try This FallBy Laura Petrolino

As part of my quest to do as many fun fall activities as possible, last weekend I went apple picking. Such a blast, but when I got up to the farm with my load of apples I realized I had zero idea what I was going to do with all of them to make sure they didn’t go bad before they were consumed.

Apples to Apples to Pies!

So hence the inspiration for this post. Today you will find a tree-load (an apple tree that is) of recipes which you can make and freeze.

Of course you can also just freeze the apples and pull them out for later (per these instructions)

Freezable Apple Recipes

Here are a few sites with healthy apple recipes galore, most can be adjusted based on your individual macros or nutritional needs.

Ten Amazing Apple Recipes for Fall (Daily Burn)

Seven Recipes and a Few Cooking Tips (Eating Well)

Paleo? Got ya covered!

Twenty Paleo Apple Desserts (A Girl Worth Saving)

Vegan? Have no fear, animal free apple recipes are here too!

Ten Vegan Apple Recipes (Yummly)

Gluten-Free? So are apples! Enjoy these recipes.

Ten Gluten Free Apple Recipes (I Breath. I’m Hungry)

Whew…that should keep you covered for a while.

What are your favorite apple recipes? Share the links or recipes themselves below.

And remember an apple a day (or several), keeps the doctor away (unless he’s cute and single, then just go ahead and make him a pie)!

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