“I Don’t Have Time to Workout”

"I Don't Have Time to Workout"By Laura Petrolino

No, actually you do. You do have time to workout, you just don’t make it a priority.

Priorities are tough things. Our hours in the day are short and were we spend our time is in constant demand. And if you don’t want to prioritize time to fitness goals, that’s your choice.

But you do have the time, and that’s an important distinction.

My Work Schedule is Insane

Oh really…guess what? Join the club.

Work will always be there and a lot of people do it. A lot of elite athletes do it—while training competitively.

You just have to plan your schedule around work. Get up early if you need to, take a workout lunch break, or go directly from the office at the end of the day. The key is to find a pattern that works for you and stick with it. Schedule it in like you would any other meeting.

I Have a Family to Take Care

Divide your workout time between solo and family fitness adventures. Don’t box yourself into thinking you have to spend your life in the gym. Fitness is what you make of it and depending on your goals can take a variety of forms.

Go on family walks after work or hikes on the weekend. Go swimming or kayaking. Involving your entire family will be good for all of you.

But I….

Still don’t think you have time?

Make an *honest* list of all the ways you spend your time. Start in the morning and go through a few typical days. And when I say honest, I mean honest. This includes time you spend surfing the internet daily or watching TV.

Take a look at the list, what can you eliminate?

Do you need to watch TV every night?

Will Facebook collapse if you spend a little less time there.

You will see areas where you spend time doing activities that aren’t crucial if you are honest with yourself.

Eliminate those things and dedicate that saved time to your health and fitness.

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