The Flip Side

By Jaime Rice


Last post Lisa showed you how to tighten your core post pregnancy. The exercises and tips she provided can be applied every day, even if you are not post baby. I am using one right now as I sit here in my chair typing away; sitting on edge of my seat and holding my core tight. Lisa did an awesome job showing great core work, so today I wanted to focus on the back side of things, the glutes.

It is true there is no spot training when it comes to weight loss. For example, if you want to lose weight only in your stomach area and preform a ton of ab/core work with some cardio you will drop weight everywhere; not just the stomach area. With that said, you can still train “problem” areas more frequently to help build muscle to tighten up the desired area. I train my bottom half – legs and glutes, twice a week and run/sprint several times a week. For me, my lower body is slower to develop and gain sustainable muscle therefore, I train my “problem” area more often to help it catch up to my upper body.

Over the years I have sought out lower body, glute, quad, etc. exercises looking for the best ones for my body. I have about 10-15 exercises I cycle through, and I am constantly looking for variations and new exercises. Here are a few of my favorites and staples in my workout routine. Over the next few weeks I will be adding more.

Barbell Hip Thrust: This can be performed with or without weight and focuses on the glute/hamstring tie in. I absolutely love this exercise! Superset it with abductor machine or air squats for maximum burn.

Curtsy Lunge with Sumo Squat: This is an excellent burnout exercise at the end of a leg day. Again it can be weighted with a barbell or strictly bodyweight.

Reverse Lunge off a Low Step: Hold the lunge for 2 seconds then step back up. I usually alternate 2 lunges per leg, then switch.

Side Step up with Squat: This is also an excellent burnout exercise and great to superset with walking lunges.

A Metcon circuit with these four exercises would look something like this

15 Barbell Hip Thrust

10 Curtsy Lunge with Sumo Squat (5/ leg)

20 Reverse Lunges (10/ leg)

10 Side Step up with Squat (5/leg)

Repeat 4x for Time.

Try this circuit and play around with different variations; weighted, non-weighted, taking out a squat or adding more reps. Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to feel the burn!

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