Simple Beach Workouts to Make You Sweat

Let’s face it, summer is always way too short! That’s why we need to take advantage of every little bit of it! Soak it up, hold on tight, and make lots of memories of shorts, flip flops, and of course….the beach, for when winter swallows us up again.

What better way to take advantage of some quality beach time then to make beach time, workout time. There are a ton of great workouts you can do on the beach. Heck, even walking on the beach is a fantastic workout.

Beach Day Workouts

Here are a few of my favorites:

Beach walk: As stated before, super straight forward, but don’t under estimate what a fantastic workout walking on the beach is. Make sure you consciously engage your core at all times. Keep those abs tight and posture in focus. The instability of the sand can lead to potential injury if you aren’t aware of your body. If you tend to have weak ankles, wear tennis shoes to walk to provide stability from the ground up.

Beach swim: Everyone knows swimming is a ridiculously effective (and tough) workout. Add in the tides and waves and you’ve got yourself a power punch! Practice safe beach swimming though, be aware of tides, and when it’s safe to swim, and follow these tips.

Surf running: I love surf running. It’s fun and one of the absolute BEST leg workouts. What do you do? Simple! Run from the shore into the waves and then back. That’s it. Aim to get up to about knee to shin height water and then turn around and make your way back. Prepare for your legs to hate you afterwards!

Bodyweight workouts: You can modify almost any bodyweight workout for the beach, BUT because of the instability of the sand, or extra resistance of the water, it will be that much harder. Mix it up, add squats, push-ups, lunges, whatever inspires you.

Need More Inspiration?

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