Perfecting the Push Up: Part 3 and Challenge

Perfecting the Push Up: Part 3
Over the past several weeks, I have discussed the basic push up form as well as several push variations. Today I want to get more advanced with our push up game! We are going all out with the one armed push up and the clap push up.Don’t worry if you can’t do these variations right away, you can always modify and build up to it.

Modify by placing a knee or both knees on the ground

Modify by placing a knee or both knees on the ground

One Armed Push Up:
These are hard! Start in plank position and place feet wider than shoulder width, like diamond push ups. Place one hand slightly wider than shoulder width and the other arm behind your back. When you lower yourself towards the ground your body will naturally twist. The hard part is not to topple over during the downward motion. You want to try for depth here but first get the feel of the motion before going all out. To modify, simply drop to a knee(s) and perform the push up. This variation is a strength exercise and is quite advanced so don’t feel bad if you have a hard time mastering these. It took me a few months to complete a full rep not modified.

The Clap Push Up:
This is another advance push up move that should only be tried if you are proficient enough at regular push ups. Start in plank position, feet together and hands slightly shoulder width apart (standard push up position). On the upward movement of the push up, push yourself up explosively allowing enough distance between you and ground for a clap. If done correctly you should be back in plank position after the clap is completed. These can also be modified and done with one knee or both on the ground.

The Challenge!
With all the push up variations I have discussed and even some I haven’t, I challenge you to come up with your own push up circuit and workout. Post on Instagram or Facebook and tag us with your best push up game!

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Facebook “The Skinny and The Thick of It”

I will get it started with my very own push up flow

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