Thirteen Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Fitness Program

Thirteen Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Fitness ProgramBy Laura Petrolino

You’re ready to really focus on your fitness goals.

You might want to lose weight.

Or maybe add muscle.

You could be training for something specific.

Perhaps you are trying to get back in shape after pregnancy.

Or just want to have more energy to enjoy life.

No matter what your goal and ability there is a fitness program out there for you.

Unfortunately too often people jump into the hottest fitness trend, or latest health fad without really taking time to figure out if it’s the best fit.

Before you dive head first into a pool of quicksand, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you and your fitness program are a good fit.

Questions to Ask

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Is it safe for me (based on my past injuries or health issues)?
  3. Can I make it work in my schedule?
  4. Do I feel comfortable in the environment where I’ll be participating (gym, trail, track, or with the group of people involved)?
  5. Does it have longevity? Can I keep it up?
  6. Does it match my general likes or dislikes (if you hate cardio, making running the base of your fitness program isn’t the best choice)?
  7. Do I have the resources I need to be successful?
  8. Do I have a goal or milestones to keep me on track?
  9. What will keep me accountable?
  10. Is it fun? Something I enjoy?
  11. Does it address my health and fitness from all dimensions (mind and body)?
  12. Can I afford it?
  13. Why?

Understand the Why of Your Fitness Program

While all of these questions are important from a logistical perspective, number thirteen is the most important to ensure the success and longevity of any fitness program.

What’s your why?

Your why is your motivation. It’s what keeps you committed when you are tired, or busy.

To be successful you must have a why. After that the logistics will easily fall into place because a strong why helps break down excuses and obstacles.

Find you why and proclaim it to the world.

So tell us, why did YOU choose your fitness program and the goals attached to it?

photo credit: DSC_0052 via photopin (license)

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