Perfecting the Push Up: Part 2

Perfecting the Push-Up Part II

Last time I discussed the basics of proper push up form and two push up variations; Standard and close grip. Today I want to get into some more advanced push up moves; the Diamond Push up and Decline Push ups. Diamonds will work isolate the triceps more and Decline will hit mostly shoulders.

Diamond Push Ups:

Typically most push ups require you to start in the plank position, this one is slightly different. You can always start in Plank to get your back straight and aligned perfectly but you will move into another position. Hands will be together, finger tips from each hand touching the other to make a diamond shape. Elbows will be flaring out. Feet will be in a wide stance to help with balance, wider than shoulder width. To make more difficult bring feet in closer together. Start in up position, then lower yourself to the floor. Elbows will flare out to the side and you should fill this in your triceps and chest. Remember to go for depth here! Arms parallel to back at a 90 degree angle. These are tough and you may have to start in the modified position, knees on the floor, in order to achieve the depth.

2015-06-02 14.17.20


Decline Push Ups:

Decline push ups are simply elevated push ups. How elevated you wish to be is completely up to you and your comfort level. I use a chair or sturdy coffee table and begin in the plank position and place my feet on the chair. This puts your body in a declined position, feet elevated higher than your body. Remember to maintain a straight and aligned back, it’s easy for the back to bow in this position. Hands are slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lower yourself to the ground making sure back and neck stay straight. Unfortunately there is no way to modify this version, only lower the elevation. You may want to start with a low decline to get the feel for it before going all in.

2015-06-02 14.18.31

Here is a quick Push Up circuit you can complete 3 times per week that will help you build up your strength and reach your push up goals

10 Standard Push ups

10 Close Grip

5-10 Diamonds

10 Decline

Rest and repeat 2-4 times

Up your numbers every week, you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to knock out 50 push ups!

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