Saturday Spotlight: Rosie Yowell

By Jaime Rice

Today I would like to recognize and shine a spotlight on my cousin, Rosanne “Rosie” Yowell, and showcase  her amazing transformation in her journey to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. She as true  representation of what The Skinny and The Thick of it stands for.

Rosie's amazing transformation. September 2014- June 2015

Rosie’s amazing transformation. September 2014- June 2015

Rosie’s inspirational journey began last September when she was diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She made the commitment to herself to make her health a priority and not let MS win. Her transformation was done slowly and in stages that fit her lifestyle and health. She did this to ensure she would be able to succeed in maintaining her weight loss.

Rosie began by educating herself on the importance of proper nutrition. She started small, making better food choices and realizing weight loss is 80% diet and 20% actual exercise and working out. She explained, it was all about CHOICES for her and once she realized SHE had all the control on what food she was eating, she won the food battle.

Rosie introduced exercise in stages, listening to her body and starting slow. All of her workouts are preformed in her house or outside, no gym membership!  She invested in an elliptical machine and this is her go-to choice. It allows her the freedom to utilize that spare 5-10 minutes she may have between errands or running her children to their baseball and soccer games without having to drive to a gym.  The eliptical also gives her the option to use different programs; resistance levels, intervals, etc. making it the perfect piece of equipment for her goals. Within the past few weeks she started adding some core work; planks, wall sits, super mans, and side planks. Her next goal is to incorporate weight training.

Rosie is a true success story and how to properly make a healthy lifestyle change. She did not try a quick fix, use a fad diet or any supplements. She achieved her success by dedication and hard work!

Rosie realizes this is her new lifestyle and is committed to it, taking on new challenges and conquering them. In honor of Rosie, here is Roseanne’s Core Buster Weekend Warrior Workout.

2015-06-22 18.08.42

One thought on “Saturday Spotlight: Rosie Yowell

  1. Jenn says:

    Congratulations on your success Rosie! You have always been a bright spot (with the best laugh) and I love that you are such an inspiration to those around you, me included. Keep up the great work!


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