Small Changes – Big Results: Kelly Young’s Transformation

By Lisa Rhea

Earlier this year, my good friend Kelly Young came to me seeking some advice. He wanted to make a change, to drop some weight and get in shape, and was looking for help.

Over the past five months, Kelly has not only made a significant physique transformation, he has become an athlete. As a coach, this is the most exciting thing, to see someone make a lifestyle change. I couldn’t be more proud of how he continues to progress.

IMG_4088 (1)

Kelly has seen some big changes since he started with The Skinny and the Thick of it back in February.

Today, Kelly is sharing his story with you – how he went from out-of-shape and unhappy with his appearance to taking on challenges he would have never considered before. All of this while training at home and continuing to live life and enjoy indulgences in moderation.

Q & A with Kelly Young

What caused you to decide to make a change and seek out a coach?
My wife and I were in Savannah for our one-year anniversary, and it became painfully obvious that I had chubbed-up. My clothes were uncomfortably tight, and I had a gut. But most of all, the mrs. said that I had gotten noticeably bigger and out of shape. (She didn’t just offer that up I pushed her to give me an honest opinion). So my initial motivation was to look better for her.

After getting into it though, I have become addicted to how much better I feel and look from working out regularly and eating better.

What you did for you training and diet?
My workouts started simple at three days a week, doing push-ups, pull-ups, dips and abdominal training. Since then my workouts have increased in difficulty, but are still done at home with only bodyweight exercises, a pair of dumbbells and a set of gym rings hung in the basement.

I began to eat better and track my calories to achieve a consistent diet and cut out the bad food that surely contributed to by jiggliness. I also cut back on my drinking.

I haven’t been on a “strict” or titled diet plan, I have just been smart about what I eat and drink and keep my daily calorie intake at around 2000 calories give or take a few.

What was the hardest part about making the change?
The hardest part of all of this was the first month, staying consistent with working out and eating better.

After that time, I noticed a change in how I felt and my overall performance in my workouts, etc. which motivated me to continue and made it much easier to stay on track.

What progress have you made?
Since I began this program I have lost approximately 10 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much given the time frame ,but the important fact is that I have lost 10 pounds of fat and gained significant muscle and strength. And I’m continuing to see progress, not gaining it back or yo-yo-ing.


Kelly has seen significant performance improvements.

Not to mention, my performance and athletic ability have increased significantly. At the beginning my max stats were as follows:

Dips – 15; Pull-ups – 5; Push-ups – 20; Plank – 20 seconds.

Now my max stats are:

Dips – 45; Pull-ups – 18; Push-ups – 60; Plank – 1 minute, 20 seconds.

I am running at least 2 miles a few days a week, something I never did before.

How did having a coach help?
The benefit of a coach was to get advice on workouts to maximize results tailored to my preference of working out at home with little to no equipment. Not to mention practical, realistic advice on diet, and I really can and cannot afford to eat or drink.

I’ve tried to do a consistent diet and workout plan before and never stuck with it. The difference now simply is motivation and encouragement. Motivation to be better for me and for my wife. And the encouragement from Lisa that I can do it, that I am doing well.

She paid attention to my expectations and goals to tailor a program specific to me and not some cookie cutter plan. The impressive thing about this process with Lisa is that she listens. She pays attention to the person she is coaching and what they want, can do, and where they plan to go.

Lisa has a wealth of knowledge to maximize results with whatever tools are available to her and the person she is helping. The program with her is constantly evolving to maintain interest and challenge me at every turn.

What are your future fitness plans?
This is only the beginning for me. I plan to continue to improve and branch out in my fitness abilities. What I really enjoy about the bodyweight and ring workouts is that it builds functional strength that applies in the real world and not just pretty muscles that really don’t do anything practical except look good in a Calvin Klein Ad.

I am going to start getting into obstacle course racing and will run my first Spartan Race in October of 2015.


As Kelly progressed, he began crafting his own workouts too. Here’s one of his favorites for you to try this weekend!

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