Workplace Wellness: How to Stay Fit at Work

Workplace Wellness: How to Stay Fit at WorkBy Laura Petrolino

A couple of weeks ago I provided a tutorial for how to make your own treadmill desk.

While the treadmill desk is a great option for those of us who work from home, our office-bound peers might not be so lucky (although you all should definitely try to talk leadership into treadmill desks. The productivity boost alone makes it a smart choice).

So how to you keep your mind and body active when you are trapped at the office? Easy! There are endless ways for you to integrate movement into your work day. And by doing so you will not only feel better, but work better as well.

Schedule Movement

It’s easy to get lost in a project and sit motionless for hours. This is bad for your brain and body. Instead, schedule in “movement breaks,” just as you would meetings. Set a reminder in your calendar for once an hour. When it goes off you have 10-15 minutes to get up and move around. This could be a simple walk around the building, going up and down the stairs a few times, jumping jacks in the bathroom (or your office if it doesn’t disturb others, really whatever feels best for you.

Stick to these movement breaks as you would a regular meeting schedule. They are important and you’ll end the day more alert and productive than you would have been by being stagnant.

 Lunch Time Laps

Plan on eating your lunch a bit before or a bit after your lunch break while working in your office, and instead of eating during that time, go for a walk. Find some nearby parks or areas around your office and just move. If you can, find a lunch break buddy and walk together. Not only is the camaraderie nice, it will keep you accountable.

The fresh air and movement will be good for the mind, body, and soul.

Get to the Core of It

Even if you aren’t actively moving you can still work your core by being aware of your posture and how you hold yourself. Be mindful of your body position and focus on keeping your core tight and posture aligned. Take momentary breaks to check-in with yourself and focus on how you are holding your body.

Office Flexibility

Finally, stretch! There are a ton of stretches and yoga poses you can easily do in your office, cubical, or even while at your desk. Add some quick stretches at the end of your 10 minute “movement meetings,” or on their own as quick one to two minute breaks.

What are your favorite ways to keep moving while you are at work?

photo credit: Eight Times Pie Chart via photopin (license)

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