Three Steps to Make Your Own Treadmill Desk

By Laura Petrolino

Three Steps to Make Your Own Treadmill DeskI am lucky enough to work from home. It’s a win-win for my personality and helps me be my most productive during the day. It also allows me to have a treadmill desk, which I walk on throughout the day.

When I’m not walking I use it simply as a standing desk. This still helps me keep my core engaged and my posture in the best possible alignment.

If you search for a “treadmill desk” you will find a variety of fairly expensive versions. And while, I’d love to have one of those one day, they simply aren’t anywhere close to being in my budget. So the engineer’s daughter that I am, I improvised…and you can too!

Three Steps to Build Your Own Treadmill Desk

Step One: Get a Treadmill

Hey, I’m not that talented, I can’t tell you how to build a treadmill…so you are going to have to find one on your own. This doesn’t have to be an expensive venture though. The treadmill I have now I bought 12 years ago off a woman on Craigslist for $200!

Step Two: Find Support Cushions

I wrapped towels around the arms of my treadmill to cushion the “desk” part and make it fit snug in place. I’m sure there are more high-tech ways to do this, but I was going for simple and functional.

Step Three: Insert the Desktop

My desktop is actually a shelf from a Target bookcase I long ago donated to Goodwill. If you don’t have a spare bookcase shelf hanging around, run to Home Depot or Lowe’s and ask for a plank of wood. Voila!

Use Your Treadmill Desk

Start slowly, you don’t want to walk all day long and burn your legs out. Plus, I can only use it for certain tasks, like reading or emails. I also walk while I’m on conference calls or other meetings. Find what works for you and slowly build up the amount of time you walk vs. stand.

Overall, I’ve found it really helps boost productivity, especially considering I often work fairly long hours.

Make sure you always pay attention to form and keep your core tight. Don’t sacrifice your posture and lean or favor one-side. Focus on pulling in your core and keeping a straight, natural spine.

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