My Journey to the National Stage


Last year’s before prep and stage photos. It’s amazing what you can do in a few months!

By Jaime Rice

Saturday, May 30th — roughly 9 weeks from now — is a day circled in bright red on my calendar. This is one of the most anticipated dates of my 2015 summer. It marks my first ever National NPC Bikini Competition in Charleston, South Carolina, the Jr USA’s.

It all started last March when I decided to compete locally at an NPC bodybuilding show in the bikini division in Chattanooga, TN. Little did I know I would end up qualifying for a National level show for 2015!

For those not familiar with the bodybuilding world; a competitor starts at a local show (national qualifier) and if they place top 5 in their respective class they can compete in a National show that year or the following year. Once at National level, if the competitor wins their class they can earn an IFBB Pro card allowing them to compete in Pro shows. The best analogy I have is comparing it to minor league baseball AA to AAA then finally MLB. I was moving up to AAA in 2015!

My 2014 contest prep was rough, but manageable, and I followed every instruction and piece of advice my trainer/coach provided. I placed 3rd in my class in first show and 4th in my class in the second and last show of 2014.

I was very pleased with my first year of competing and ready to try the National level for 2015. I knew that meant I had to have a productive offseason and keep my nutrition and training in check.

I decided on the Jr USA in Charleston, South Carolina because it’s early in the summer, and I have a busy vacation-filled summer.  Dieting, more specifically, contest dieting, in the summer is not all that fun, and honestly, I want to be drinking a beer on the lake, not a protein shake.


This year’s starting point (right) versus last year’s (left). I was able to maintain my conditioning better in the off-season.

So here I am, 9 weeks out from my first National NPC Show and 3 weeks in on my contest prep. This prep has been much easier by far. I started in a better place physically and mentally. This year, I knew what to expect, and because of my better physical conditioning, I was able to have more food to start my prep.

I started weighing 120 (last year was 128) and currently eat 2000 calories a day.  My macros look something like this:

Carbs- 30%
Fat -30%
Protein- 40%

I am so pleased that I was able to start with such a high calorie count and low amount of cardio; thus validating all my hard work during my offseason! I meet with my coach every 2 weeks until I’m 4 weeks out, then every week. He will tweak my diet, slowly taking away more calories and adding carb cycles when needed, as well as adding or subtracting training, depending on how quickly my body responds to the diet.

Currently I am 118, only a 2lb weight drop in 3 weeks (last year I was down 6 but had much further to go). Although only down 2 pounds, my pants are already baggy, and I am leaning out nicely.

I am very excited for the final “package” I will bring to the National Level stage. I will continue post about my journey and pictures as my prep progresses!

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