Why Do You Workout?

by Lisa Rhea


Everyday I am motivated to stay active by so many inspirational people. Today, I wanted to share some of that motivation with you.

Need a reason to workout? People from all over the country, different professions and various walks of life share with you why they stay active.

I Asked – Why Do You Workout?


Michael Coates, Chicago, IL
I used to be very overweight, so I stay active to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Beyond that, fitness and nutrition has become a hobby. It is something I enjoy doing for myself and with those people that matter most in my life.


Cara Goodwin, Virginia Beach, VA
I workout because it pushes me to be a better and stronger person, both physically and emotionally.  The challenge is to see which one gives up first, your body or your mind, and then to set higher goals for the next workout.  I also love the energy a great workout gives me.  


Jim Gordon, Patterson, CA
I’m 45 years old with 3 kids.  I remain active so that I can keep up with my kids and to set an example of lifetime fitness for them.


Michelle Jones, Nashville, TN
I workout because I’m a cop and I cannot afford to lose any fight or chase because of poor or lacking health. Being a woman, I love working out amongst others because it’s a confidence builder, it’s a mood booster, and it makes me feel accomplished. I also love how I look inside and outside of my clothes! I don’t do it for others. I do it for the competitor within myself to challenge me to be better than yesterday.


Brandon Bradford, Nashville, TN
I personally didn’t pick up running and actively trying to be healthy until about 2013. I was going through a really rough time in my life and I thought that it would be a great thing for me to do to pass time & be with God and see what he created for us to enjoy daily, it was something you could do by yourself, and be able to clear your mind and free yourself from all struggles that you were facing.  I feel that  that when your active / running you could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs. Now that I have begun this journey of running I enjoy it & get grumpy if I can’t go for a run for a extended period of time.  


Kari Jeske-Palmer and Jenni Carey, Denver, CO
Why do we do yoga? Clarity, strength, balance, and spirit. Anyone can do it…. Start to dial in to your inner strength and reflect on your life and get raw truth and clarity on who you are, and who you want to be.


Kelly Young, Nashville, TN
It was like sitting on a beach watching the tide come in….except I was watching my gut slowly expand. The initial motivation to start working out was simply to lose the extra pounds and inches. However, now working out for me is a way to boost confidence in myself; maintain an overall better feeling and mood; and of course to achieve stud status and always be able to see my toes!


Genevive Hake, San Diego, CA
Before I had my kids, I was always active and loved to stay fit. Having my children at a later age did a number on my body, and I found getting back in shape took a lot longer than when I was in my early 20’s. And while I have to work a whole lot harder and have more patience, I not only do it for my overall health, but to live a healthier life with and for my children and to inspire them.


Brandon Tennant, Nashville, TN
I work out because my life depends on it. As an law enforcement officer I want to make sure that I come home everyday so that I can be a father to my son. 

“I train to win the fights I’m expected to win, and survive the one that may never come.”

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