Back on the Bell: Advanced Kettlebell Circuit

Jaime Does KB Turkish GetupBy Jaime Rice

Last post, I discussed the amazingly wonderful KettleBell and all it has to offer — to people of all fitness levels. The first circuit was basic KettleBell moves and techniques. This week, I would like to show a more advance circuit and moves.

First move is the military press from a clean. You start feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and KB in between your feet on the ground. Clean the KB and press straight up for the full military shoulder press.

Second move is a single-leg deadlift. Hold KB in the opposite side hand as the leg you are working (some people find it more comfortable to use the same side). The KB will move down towards the ground as you bend forward, with the opposite leg moving behind you.

Third move is alternating lunge with KB. As you alternate your lunges you will pass the KB under the bent lunging leg and grab it with opposite hand.

Last move is the Turkish get up, by far or of the hardest KB moves. This move is complex and involves many muscle groups making it a full body movement. Don’t be surprised if one side is weaker than the other. I struggle with this move on my left side. See video for technique on the Turkish get up.

Clean and Press – 10 per arm
Single Leg Deadlift – 12 per leg
Lunges – 10 per leg
Turkish get up – 5-8 per side

Rest and repeat.

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