Getting the Swing of It – The KettleBell

By Jaime Rice

IMG_0475By now you probably know what a kettlebell is and may even own one or two. Perhaps it’s collecting dust in the garage after the novelty wore off or isn’t utilized enough in your fitness routine. I have to admit, while I do own a kettlebell, I don’t use it as much as I should.

With that said, I have set a goal and made a promise to my kettlebell to incorporate it once a week into my fitness routine. Why you might ask? I am all about getting the most out of a workout in the the shortest amount of time. I do not have the attention span to spend over 30 minutes on any one piece of a cardio equipment.

The Kettlebell allows me to get an intense and explosive cardio workout in a relatively short amount of time, like a HIIT workout with the same benefits of sprinting or any other interval training in the comfort of my home or backyard. If you could only purchase one piece of at home fitness equipment, it should be a kettlebell. It truly is an all-encompassing piece of equipment and extremely portable.

IMG_0473Cardio, strength training, conditioning, and flexibility can all be done with a simple kettlebell. Plus the endless workout variations, different weight options and the portability of a kettlebell make it almost impossible to become bored with this awesome fitness tool, so long as you keep it out of the garage and included in your programs.

Whether you are an athlete wanting to incorporate an explosive and intense workout into your fitness routine or a beginner needing to dust off the ole kettlebell and ease back into basic kettlebell swings, there are workouts for every level. Today I will discuss beginner kettlebell workouts and basic moves.

The most basic and well-known move is a kettlebell two-arm swing. This seems simple enough but is often preformed wrong due to squatting too much during the swing. Most kettlebell exercises work off the basic swing, so once you have this down the rest will come fairly easy.

IMG_0472Make sure you start with a light enough weight to maintain proper form so as not to hurt your back. I started with a 15-pound kettlebell. You want to stand with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart to allow for the KB to swing freely without hitting your legs. You will inhale on the upward move of the swing and exhale the downward move. Using your hip as a hinge, swing the kettlebell up and snap your hips forward like locking out a deadlift. The power in the swing comes from the hip. Once you have proper form, feel free to add heavier weight if needed.

Now we have the swing down, let’s do the workout! Make sure to make the swings explosive and engage every muscle involved in each exercise.

Beginner Kettlebell Full Body Circuit

20 KB Two-Arm Swings
25 Sumo Squats
10 One-Arm Shoulder Press (10 per arm)
20 Deadlifts
30 Oblique Twists
1 Minute Toe Taps on KB

*Rest 2 min and repeat 2-4 times.

Next time I will discuss more advanced variations of Kettlebell workouts and really getting the intensity up!

Happy swinging!

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