500 Rep Challenge – 30 Day Update

By Jaime Rice

FullSizeRender 12This weekend marked 30 days since I posted the 500 Rep Challenge. The idea of this challenge was to set a measurable goal for the next 30 days, based on your original time. It’s time to test your progress!

My start time was 8.35. I noticed I was fatigued during my tricep dips and kettlebell deadlifts, so I focused on improving those movements by training deadlifts and dips a little more.

This challenge is strictly a You vs You exercise. Don’t get hung up on your number versus anyone else’s. It is meant to be a personal guide in your fitness journey and for you to be better than you were 30 days ago. Any positive change, no matter how minimal, is progress!

The last time I completed the challenge in my living room. This time I wanted to show a gym version. My gym does not have kettlebells (I am just as shocked as you! What gym doesn’t have a kettlebell?!) I used a 20 lb. dumbbell instead for the kettlebell deadlifts. I also used a 15 lb. dumbbell for the KB twist. Substitute equipment when needed and modify when needed. Below is my 30-day update – gym version. I tried out a new time lapse app, and it’s not as crazy as the last one!

My new time was 7 minutes flat! I was utterly shocked by that number because honestly, I felt so sluggish during this and like I was going in slow motion. I was sure my time would be higher than 30 days ago. This goes to show that even when you feel you performed poorly, you may have blown your previous time out of the water. Stick with it!

Share with us your times and any challenges you may have encountered during the last 30 days. And start working towards a better time next month!

Stay tuned for challenges throughout the year. Good luck and keep Rocking That Fit Life!

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