Eggs Over-Easy – How to Make the Perfect Omelet

By Lisa Rhea


Almost every nutritional guideline will recommend eggs, and specifically egg whites, as a healthy meal. For me, it’s an easy go-to, since unlike other protein sources – chicken, fish, beef, etc., eggs do not go bad quickly or need to be frozen and thawed-out to cook. I can make them up in minutes and mixed with cheese, they’re delicious.

Today, I’m taking my first stab at a cooking video, and demonstrating to you my secret to making a quick, easy egg-white omelet that comes out great every time.

I use whole eggs and separate out the yolks, as you will see in the video.  I prefer the taste and texture of using whole eggs, there’s no preservatives or other additives, and you can add yolks if you decide to mix it up for that meal.

I cook the omelet on medium heat.  Cooking times will vary based on the number of eggs you are cooking and the size of your pan.  After you put the lid on, just keep checking every couple of minutes.  Occasionally you will need to pop some air bubbles that raise up.  You’ll know it’s ready to flip when it starts to solidify and the edges are firm.

In this example, I just added cheese, which is my typical go-to version.  Feel free to add other items as you please.  You would do this after flipping the omelet.  If you’re using more ingredients, I would recommend they be pre-cooked and to leave the omelet in the pan for an additional minute or so on low heat after folding in half, to allow the ingredients to warm up.

Be advised…if you attempt to flip the omelet too soon, it can fall apart or fold, much like a pancake will. Be sure that it’s firm around the edges.

Try this method out and let me know how it works for you!

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