Break the Rules and Break Out of Your Dieting Rut

Diet books

Are you constantly dieting 365 days a year? Have you tried various diets and magic tricks to try to lose weight? Cabbage Soup diet, The Master Cleanse, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Paleo and the Chocolate Chip Cookie diet (yes there is a cookie ‘diet’) – do these sound familiar to you?

Have you lost weight 20 times, only to regain it back again? Often even more than you started? Do you try your best to follow the “rules” only to finding yourself falling off track? Well, welcome to the Professional Dieters Club. I think it’s safe to say there are more people in that club than there are in the “Lasting Success” group.

Basically, you are stuck because there are no rules, no easy answers, no formula for fast, LASTING weight loss. And here’s the thing, it will be a lifelong battle until you change something.

Here’s my advice – STOP IT!

Stop the crash dieting. Stop the endless hours in the gym. Stop expecting results are going to happen overnight. It’s time to quit your job as a professional dieter. I love the quote, “nothing great ever came that easy.” Quit thinking there is some quick solution out there. There isn’t.



If you want results that last you need to rid yourself of strict rules. Restriction and limitation backfire over time. It’s true; we want what we can’t have. If someone tells you that you can never eat chocolate again what do you do? Binge on chocolate for the fear you may never have it again. Then comes guilt. And usually more chocolate.

Forget about diets with lists of good and bad foods. Break the rules and break out of the rut. A good nutrition plan starts with balance. And a smart calorie deficit, not a go from 2000 to 1000 calories-a-day deficit. A healthy deficit would start at 10%, not 50%. Will you see results overnight? No. But with consistency you will get your results. And the best part? Higher chances of MAINTAINING your progress.



Most people give up on a diet even before they get where they want to be. They lose 10 of their 30 pounds, life gets busy and soon they find the diet too restrictive, too much work, and they are hungry from the starvation caloric intake. So they give up, and eat all those ‘bad foods.’

You do not need to remove carbohydrates or fat or salt from your diet to make changes. You don’t even have to cut out your favorite treats, like pizza and ice cream. You just have to learn how to find balance. The most successful, long-term weight loss programs have a healthy balance of individual needs from each food group.

In 2015, I challenge you to take the higher road. The road to lifelong success. The road to less stress, and less anguish over unhealthy diet rules. The road to triumph. To balance. To consistent progress, not a wave of ups and downs and going a step forward then two steps backward.

If you need help figuring out your nutritional needs, enlist in a well-rounded coach who puts your life-long success and health first. We at The Skinny and The Thick of It are here to set you up with a personalized game plan, specific to your individual needs. No cookie-cutter crash diets, but rather a plan that fits your life and changes and adapts to your needs.

Here’s to success, health and balance in 2015!

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