No Bowl Full of Jelly Ab Circuit

By Jaime Rice

The holiday eating season can be rough on your body. Especially if you are trying to maintain a healthy, balanced diet throughout the year. I know these past few weeks have been especially tough for me. Amazing looking and smelling food all over the place! Everything from Thanksgiving/Christmas luncheons at work to family get-togethers, and holiday parties. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all of these things, but body is not use to all the rich and indulgent food I’m dumping into it.

This season I decided to find a healthy balance with regards to food. There is no cookie cutter meal plan or diet that will work for everyone; there may be some trial and error. This year I have finally found what works for me. I don’t over indulge or eat till I am about to bust; I simply eat till I am full and call it done. I don’t overfill my plate and tend to pick the healthiest items at whatever event I am attending.

Now this isn’t to say I don’t indulge every now, I most certainly do! I budget my meals and decide which food item is worth it to me. For example, would I rather have the honey glazed ham with buttery mashed potatoes or wine with cake? It’s all about choices and making the right one for you. Simple decisions like these can ease you through the holiday season without feeling guilty and with minimal-to-no extra holiday poundage.

In addition to budgeting my food, I maintain my workout/training routine. This helps my stress level tremendously and makes holiday functions that much more pleasant knowing I just killed my workout earlier in the day. Even when I travel I find some time to complete a HIIT circuit, run or even a quick ab circuit. Anything it get my heart rate up. Today I completed this ab circuit after my lifting routine.

Ab circuit
30 seconds lying leg raises holding medicine ball (or any weighted object)

30 seconds toe touches

30 seconds weighted twist with medicine ball

1 minute plank

*Rest 1 min and repeat 4 times

This circuit is quick and can be done anywhere; in your room before you head down for breakfast, while baking some yummy treats for a party, or before bedtime. No weights required but if you want to add some intensity pick up a medicine ball or dumbbell.

The key to successfully navigating the holiday season is to have a plan and stick to it. Find your balance and make it work for you!

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